Flowers and Lace – How to Paint Watercolor For Beginners

Watercolor Painting of Flowers and Lace - for How to Paint Watercolor For Beginners

Flowers and lace are a great watercolor subject for beginners, especially when it’s easy to fix problems. In this tutorial beginners can dive in and have fun learning how to paint, as they can use opaque white, baby’s breath flowers and bokeh circles to cover any areas they don’t like.

Downloads for Flowers and Lace

Suggested Colors for Flowers and Lace

  • Blue – any pretty blue, Cobalt, Phthalo (I mixed Phthalo + Cerulean)
  • Red – any red that leans toward pink – Quinacridone, Rose, etc.
  • Greens – any tube greens or mix (blue + yellow or gold)
  • Dark Green – Perylene Green or mix (Phthalo Blue + Burnt Sienna) or (Green + Black)
  • Gray – (I mixed my red + green + black) or tube gray or mix (Cobalt or Ultramarine Blue + Burnt Sienna)
  • Brown for bottom – any brown or brown + black
  • Opaque White – Pro White, Bleed Proof White, White Gouache or White Acrylic

Step by Step Instructions for Flowers and Lace in Watercolor

reference photo for watercolor tutorial Flowers and Lace

Step 1 – Draw or trace your flowers and lace outline onto your watercolor paper using graphite paper.

Note – keep your lines very light for the flowers.

Step 2 – Paint the watercolor background with light blue, working wet on wet.

Watercolor background for watercolor tutorial Flowers and Lace How to paint watercolor for beginners by Deb Watson / Watson Watercolor

Wet the area around and behind the flowers and vase with clean water.

Paint some light blue into the wet area and let it spread. If it doesn’t spread, use a damp fan brush to gentle soften the edges.

Step 3 – Paint the first wash of watercolor on your vase, working wet on wet.

Wet the vase with clean water.

Mix a light wash of pink with a touch of your blue background color.

Paint the vase pink/purple in the center and feather the color out so it is darker in the middle and lighter on the edges.

First wash of pink in tulips and vase for watercolor tutorial Flowers and Lace How to paint watercolor for beginners by Deb Watson / Watson Watercolor

Step 4 – How to paint tulips in watercolor step by step.

Pink tulips – Paint three of the tulips pink – don’t forget to add the one on the right.

White tulips – mix a gray (pink, blue + black). Wet the tulip. Paint gray at the bottom and let it bleed up into the top a little. Dry. The tulip in the back is darker than the one in the front.

Second wash – when the first coats of paint dry, add more color to the tulips, darker on the bottom and lighter on the top. For the pink tulips – use dark pink for pop!

Step 5 – Paint the foreground a dark color.

Paint the table at the bottom with dark brown or dark blue or your favorite color.

Step 6 – How to paint interesting leaves for Flowers and Lace.

Painting leaves, vase and lace for watercolor tutorial

Mix puddles of light green (more yellow), medium green, and dark green (perylene green or green + black).

Paint each leaf with a variety of values, with most of the leaves with lighter and darker areas for variety, and mostly darken near the vase.

If you don’t get any variety in your first wash of color, add more dark after it dries.

Step 7 – How to get deep, rich colors in your watercolor vase.

Rewet your vase with clean water.

Using your pink/purple mix, add a line under the rim of the vase.

Once again, add more color to the center and feather the color out so it is lighter at the edges.

Step 8 – How to paint the cloth and lace in watercolor.

Mix a gray color – the red/blue/black mix will work fine.


  • Paint the area on the far right gray.
  • Wet the area under the fold and paint gray along the left edge.
  • Add dark gray to the small triangle on the left of the vase and light gray to the half oval area on the right.


  • Paint the scalloped edges with dark blue.
  • Paint the cut out bits with gray
  • Use light gray to do some squiggles to suggest crochet

Step 9 – How to paint bokeh effect in your watercolor background in Flowers and Lace.

Watercolor painting of Flowers and Lace by Deb Watson /Watson Watercolor

Cut a round stencil out of an old photograph or piece of watercolor paper. Cut a smaller round stencil, too.

Hold the stencil firmly where you want to lift out a circle or part of a circle. Wipe off paint with a damp piece of Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. Repeat in different spots.

You can overlap circles or do partial circles next to some of the flowers or leaves. If some of the paint from the flowers or leaves gets lifted off, you can paint it back on. If you have an area of background that you especially don’t like – lift it out with a bokeh circle!

Step 10 – Using opaque white with watercolor for fixing, finishing touches and baby’s breath flowers.

reference photo for watercolor tutorial Flowers and Lace with just flowers

Add white highlights to your vase – use opaque white to add white highlights to the rim and one side of your vase.

Touching up a Watercolor Painting – With a good opaque white paint, you can touch up your white tulips or lace as needed.

How to paint baby’s breath flowers with watercolor – Dab on opaque white in spots and masses of spots in the darker colored areas for baby’s breath. In the lighter areas you can dab on some of the gray. Then use a small brush or ink pen to draw thin black stems to the baby’s breath flowers. Do as many or as few as you like.

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